Top 5 Underrated East Bangalore Areas to Invest in Real Estate in 2024
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Underrated East Bangalore Areas to Invest in Real Estate in 2024

East Bangalore is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after regions for real estate investment. Known for its vibrant tech industry, excellent infrastructure, and quality lifestyle, East Bangalore offers numerous opportunities for homebuyers and investors alike. In 2024, several underrated neighborhoods are expected to emerge as top choices for real estate investment. Here, we’ll explore five such areas: Dommasandra, Whitefield Extension, Budigere Cross, Panathur, and Sarjapur Road. Each of these neighborhoods boasts excellent amenities, including top schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, making them ideal for both living and investment.

1. Dommasandra

Population (2024 estimate): Approximately 35,000 residents.

Metro Connection: Currently, Dommasandra is not directly connected by the Bangalore Metro. However, the proposed Phase 3 expansion aims to improve connectivity in the near future.

Nearby Amenities:

  • Schools: Oakridge International School, Delhi Public School.
  • Hospitals: Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Vimalalaya Hospital.
  • Shopping: DMart Sarjapur, Market Square Mall.
  • Benefits: Dommasandra offers a peaceful living environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being close to major tech hubs. The area’s greenery and open spaces make it an excellent choice for families looking for a tranquil lifestyle. Additionally, the presence of reputable schools and healthcare facilities ensures a comfortable living experience.

    2. Whitefield Extension

    Whitefield Extension is an emerging locality that promises great potential for real estate investment. Known for its proximity to the IT corridor, Whitefield Extension is perfect for professionals working in the tech industry.

    Population (2024 estimate): Approximately 45,000 residents.

    Metro Connection:The Purple Line of the Bangalore Metro has been extended to Whitefield, significantly enhancing connectivity.

    Nearby Amenities:

  • Schools: Deens Academy, Vydehi School of Excellence.
  • Hospitals: Columbia Asia Hospital, Manipal Hospital.
  • Shopping: Phoenix Marketcity, VR Bengaluru, DMart Whitefield.
  • Benefits: Living in Whitefield Extension means being close to major IT parks, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs. The area is well-connected by road and the metro, making commuting easier. With excellent infrastructure and amenities, Whitefield Extension offers a balanced lifestyle for both working professionals and families.

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    3. Budigere Cross

    Budigere Cross is a rapidly developing area in East Bangalore, known for its affordability and potential for high returns on investment.

    Population (2024 estimate): Approximately 30,000 residents.

    Metro Connection:While Budigere Cross is not yet connected by the Bangalore Metro, plans for future expansions include connectivity improvements.

    Nearby Amenities:

  • Schools: New Baldwin International School, Sterling English School.
  • Hospitals: Siliconcity Hospitals, Regal Hospital.
  • Shopping: Orion East Mall, Elements Mall, DMart Budigere Cross.
  • Benefits: Budigere Cross is ideal for those looking for affordable real estate options without compromising on connectivity and amenities. The area is witnessing significant infrastructure development, including new roads and public facilities, making it an attractive option for future growth. Its proximity to the airport and IT hubs also adds to its appeal.

    4. Panathur

    Panathur is a vibrant neighborhood in East Bangalore that is often overlooked. However, its strategic location and modern amenities make it a great choice for investment.

    Population (2024 estimate): Approximately 40,000 residents.

    Metro Connection:Panathur is expected to benefit from the upcoming Phase 2A of the Bangalore Metro, which will improve connectivity to other parts of the city.

    Nearby Amenities:

  • Schools: New Horizon Gurukul, Orchids The International School.
  • Hospitals: Sakra World Hospital, Vydehi Hospital.
  • Shopping: Central Mall, Bangalore Central, DMart Panathur.
  • Benefits: Panathur’s location between the Outer Ring Road and Sarjapur Road offers excellent connectivity to major employment hubs. The area is well-equipped with modern infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. Panathur is perfect for those seeking a convenient urban lifestyle with easy access to work and leisure.

    5. Sarjapur Road

    Sarjapur Road is one of the most promising areas in East Bangalore, known for its rapid development and excellent investment opportunities.

    Population (2024 estimate): Approximately 55,000 residents.

    Metro Connection:Sarjapur Road will be connected by the upcoming Phase 3 of the Bangalore Metro, enhancing its connectivity to other parts of the city.

    Nearby Amenities:

  • Schools: Indus International School, Harvest International School.
  • Hospitals: Columbia Asia Hospital, Motherhood Hospital.
  • Shopping: Total Mall, Big Bazaar, DMart Sarjapur.
  • Benefits: Sarjapur Road offers a perfect blend of residential and commercial developments. The area is home to numerous IT companies, making it ideal for professionals. Additionally, Sarjapur Road boasts excellent social infrastructure, including top schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. Its well-planned layout and connectivity to major parts of Bangalore make it a highly desirable location.

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    Investing in real estate in East Bangalore is a smart choice, given the region’s rapid growth and development. The neighborhoods of Dommasandra, Whitefield Extension, Budigere Cross, Panathur, and Sarjapur Road offer excellent opportunities for homebuyers and investors. Each of these areas provides a unique blend of affordability, connectivity, and modern amenities, ensuring a high quality of life. As you consider your next real estate investment in 2024, keep an eye on these underrated East Bangalore neighborhoods. They promise not only great returns but also a comfortable and fulfilling living experience.