The Rising Star in Bangalore's Real Estate Sector
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The Rising Star in Bangalore's Real Estate Sector

Gunjur is a fast emerging residential area in the East Zone of Bangalore.

Yes, you read it right. Gunjur Real Estate is now home to some of the most builders of Bangalore.

This rising star in the real estate sector is located in the Outer Ring Road, which is known to connect the road to all parts of the city. Gunjur’s neighborhood is well known for its green foliage, calm environment and to top it all, it is the surrounding area for the IT hubs like Whitefield and Sarjapur.

Over the past few years we can see significant growth in this area due to construction of a number of residential complexes, educational facilities, retail establishments and medical facilities, turning Gunjur into a self-reliant domain.

And lastly, there is an ample amount of security which makes it a safe and secure location.

Is Gunjur Connected? Exploring the Area's Infrastructure

Gunjur now is currently focused on expanding its physical infrastructure in order to support increasing population. This neighborhood has witnessed massive improvements in the recent years with new roads and bridges being constructed and public transportation being developed. The improvements in the recent times had a massive impact which resulted in additional people being attracted to the area.

Beyond the usual Brick or Mortar: Unveiling Gunjur's Social Infrastructure

The social infrastructure in Gunjur is top-notch and up to date. You can easily find many public amenities like educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants and many more like these here. Here’s a list of all the all the nearby facilities:

  • Varthur Govt Middle School
  • Tulips Kids School
  • VIBGYOR High School
  • Sakra World Hospital
  • Manipal Hospital
  • Cloudnine Hospital
  • Spice It, IBIS Hotel
  • Flechazo
  • The Fat Chef
  • Forum Mall
  • Park Square Mall
  • Brookfield Mall
  • Geddalahalli Lake Park
  • ITI Township Park
  • Kadagodi Park
  • Beyond Gunjur: A Look at Nearby Localities

    There are several localities near Gunjur. Some of Real Time Data of the nearby localities have been mentioned with their distance and commute timings:

    Commute Timings
    5-6 kms
    15-20 Mins
    8-9 kms
    20-25 Mins
    11-12 kms
    25-30 Mins
    14-15 kms
    20-25 Mins
    14-15 Kms
    20 Mins

    (This data is only for those people who travel by their own vehicles.)

    How Are Residential and Commercial Sectors in Gunjur Progressing?

    A large number of apartments and flats have been built here as a result of the growth of various IT enterprises in the surrounding areas.The average cost of an apartment or flat is around Rs 7500 per square foot, and the average cost of a residential land is over Rs 6700 per square foot. Major apartment complexes like Abhee Celestial City near Gunjur also helps in the appreciation of the property prices.

    In terms of the commercial market, Gunjur has not yet made an impression.Office spaces roughly costs Rs 6700 per square foot, while commercial plots costs Rs 7,100 and Rs 4,900 per square foot

    What Factors Will Shape Its Growth?

    Based on the information about Gunjur, here are some factors that could be contributing to its growth:

  • Strategic Location: Gunjur is situated near the Outer Ring Road (ORR), a major artery that provides quick access to other parts of Bangalore and also the STRR. This prime location makes it attractive for people who work in the nearby IT hubs like Whitefield, Bellandur, and Marathahalli but want a quieter living environment.
  • Development Potential: Gunjur is still under development, which means there's potential for builders to construct new residential apartments, commercial spaces and independent houses. This can attract homebuyers seeking a new and modern living space.
  • Peaceful Ambiance: Compared to its IT hub neighbors, Gunjur offers a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere. This can be a major draw for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center.
  • Improved Infrastructure: The development in Gunjur likely includes investments in infrastructure like roads, connectivity, and possibly educational institutions and healthcare facilities. This improves the overall quality of life in the area and makes it more attractive as a residential location.
  • In Conclusion,Gunjur Real Estate is now a rapidly in the Real Estate Sector due to its increasing infrastructural facilities and livability index. It has now become a well-known sub-urban area which can connect to other parts of Bangalore. Though there are some concerns about the traffic congestions, Gunjur is still regarded as one of the best places to live in Bangalore.

    Thanks to new attractions, Gunjur is now growing in popularity as a destination for people searching for a promising and developing neighborhood to call home.